Wood-cut talk by Phillipa Hobbs

Phillipa who is a renowned art historian and print maker gave us all an inspiring chat about tools and wood-cut printmaking at Bronwen Findlay’s studio.

Hobbs co-published Printmaking in a Transforming South Africa with Elizabeth Rankin in 1997. In 2003 Hobbs and Rankin published Rorke’s Drift Empowering Prints,[4] which looks at the Evangelical Lutheran Church Art and Craft Centre, more popularly known as Rorke’s Drift Art and Craft Centre, and the art produced by the black artists who studied there.

Phillipa described her processes, why she enjoys wood-cuts and some handy tips especially how to get the registration correct every time you print.

The vibrancy of her prints are due to her process which is the number of layers of in each colour. The yellow of the flower will be at least 5 layers of yellow excavating more each layer. This demonstrates the advantage to meticulous and painstaking attention to detail and craft.

She uses very fine Japanese paper. Some of the tools have been made by her husband for specific purposes but most are readily available.

Everyone was inspired to try a new method.

Then very importantly enjoyed Bronwens’ famous tea and scones.

The Saturday being the second Saturday of the month was the last “Drop and Draw” of the year. Bronwen facilitated the drawing of our responses to the David Koloane exhibition at WAM. As usual so varied were the drawings everyone made. My offering below. Looking closer to his works made one realise how detailed, layered and complex they are.

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