Artists Block…

“Artists Block” or trying to find inspiration. Wow this year has been playing with all of our heads. My mind is cluttered with all kinds of thoughts and fears. How do we think about our art when there is so much noise? I always say “just start”. But start where, start how?

Sometimes an underpainting can help to see what the next step should be. You see possibilities in the patterns, shapes, but most of all the “Happy Accidents”. Whether you are wanting to paint abstract, a landscape, flowers, your cat or dog try these to free you up and go in directions you never thought of before. They can strengthen your current direction.

I ran out of Greeting cards and so got out the water-colour paper to make some. Here are 2 techniques that you can lay down on the surface to start you off. Very quick, loose and without too much planning. The planning will happen after you see the patterns and ideas that are formed. You can also use colours that you don’t normally use.

Here is a short video with 2 quick techniques to start you off.

Using coarse salt for one and plastic wrap for the other you can create surprises that will help give you ideas for the next layer. Let the magic happen with loose washes and then go back in to let your creative juices flow. These techniques can be used in large pieces too. Let go and have FUN.

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