Cave Paintings & Light Boxes

Frederik Eksteen and Berco Wilsenach

In the Artist’s Statement he states that the artworks have a “mythical understanding of images” shared by prehistoric art. He tries to think about” ambiguity where the image exists somewhere between the natural and supernatural. Cave images are a fetish to bring the animal closer yet there is an “insurmountable distance between animal and human worlds”. Even in our cynical present the “tension between what an image can and cannot do is an enigma we still can’t let go of”

As you enter the Gallery these works are on the left wall.

The series of 16 paintings in oil on glass (with a limited palette) mounted over the inkjet print. The prints are a complicated matrix of connected fine lines.

On the opposite wall are these artworks

Hell/Institutional Critique
Oil on canvas
140X100 cm (2017 – 2020)

On the back wall is the largest piece, where the artist has employed the same somber palette. The extremely subtle underpainting in metallic copper, gold and silver washes gives a soft glow to the work. The inkjet print of connecting lines and the contour lines of bodies are intricate.  In some areas thin and whimsical and in other areas dense and intense, describing body parts, hands, feet, heads, sometimes almost subsumed by oil paint and others clearly visible. The next layer of oil painting is also sometimes very thin and other areas are thick and dark. I kept going back to discover new images emerging.

Here are some close-up areas:

On the third wall are his Rogue Taxidermy series.

These are in editions of 15, Inkjet on archival paper29.7X42.8 cm.

I loved this exhibition and could spend days looking at the techniques the artist has used.

The Light Boxes by Berco Wilsenach are also beautiful.

Crated Specimen A-E,Glass, wood, LED lighting340X340X150mm.
Crated Night3, Glass, wood, LED lighting 660X870X110mm

Images are caught between layers of glass with a milky pale muted green glow. Unfortunately I could not get a photograph without a reflection and so I don’t do justice to these works.

The exhibition ends on November 14th at Gallery 2.

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