Hooray Woop-woop!

Bronwen Findlays art class is open again.

It is always great to be back at Bronwens art class on a Wednesday evening. Catching up with the happenings travels and fun of the holidays. Also people have new ideas and energy. Isabel Hofmeyer had one such. She placed tiny terracotta figures, text from a book she wrote and torn up playing cards in ice trays, and then froze them. We all then witnessed the melting of the blocks.

Ice block art class experiment - catherine olver

The blocks were placed on newsprint but the melted water allowed the print on the cloth below to come through which made very interesting images.

Then Isabel put the blocks in a bowl of water and again this produced interesting images.

Back on the table the blocks continued to melt and change.

Ice cube images from art class - catherine olver

And below everyone is busy with their own projects in Bronwens stunning studio. A fantastically inspiring evening even without everyone back from holidays and back to work pressures. Here we go 2020, may we produce some stunning work and new ideas for exciting projects.

Bronwen Findlay Art studio for art class

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